Release 6.0 of DITAinformationcenter (a free DITA resource)

Release 6 of DITAinformationcenter was published today.

This version of our free DITA information and modeling resource supports DITA Open Toolkit 1.5.1 (final build) and the DITA 1.2 language standard (still to be approved).

New features include:

  • We have eliminated the code distribution. We recommend that you install the DITA Open Toolkit instead.
  • We have added topics on how we automated the creation of DITA files to document WSDLs (web services) using a Python script.
  • We have added topics on using Python code to do machine translation using Google Translate and Microsoft Translator (Bing).
  • We have added information on using Simplified English to improve the quality of translated content.
  • We are providing sample translations in Spanish and German of the garage and grocery shopping samples done using Google Translate and Microsoft Translator.

You can download the DITAinformationcenter from either resources page or, which has been converted to a WordPress site.

-Anna and Dick

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