Meeting: DITA Classification and Subject Scheme–Picking up where metadata leaves off

Joe Gelb of Suite Solutions, presented to a large crowd of in-room and virtual attendees, a discussion on the DITA 1.2 Classification and Subject Scheme.

Metadata is used by many to categorize DITA content. But categorization is not enough. More and more, companies are developing taxonomies to enable easier access to information. As you consider dynamic publishing and web deployment to meet the evolving expectations of your content consumers and the Google generation, classifying the subject matter in your content set and the relationships between that subject matter becomes critical. Using a real use case, Joe will demonstrate how you can use the DITA 1.2 classification and subject scheme to create, apply and publish your taxonomy using the same architecture you use to develop, manage and publish your DITA content.

Video recording 1h15mI apologize for the extra noise near the end as I was moving the Polycom around to try to pick up the questions from the audience.