Meeting: SDL LiveContent Reach and Create Demonstration

Scott McNall, Senior Solution Consultant at SDL, demonstrated a set of new and updated tools which enhance DITA authoring and delivery both within your company and for your customers. SDL LiveContent is a suite of tools that can be used together or individually for managing, authoring, and publishing DITA content.

  • SDL LiveContent Architect (formerly SDL Trisoft) organizes and manages all structured content, so that it can be easily reused, shared, filtered and delivered to any channel.
  • SDL LiveContent Create (formerly SDL Xopus) is a powerful, browser-based editor that removes the complexity of XML and makes it easy for anyone to create and edit structured content.
  • SDL LiveContent Reach (formerly SDL LiveContent DITA) empowers companies to deliver smart, interactive product content that is tailored to customers’ needs and delivered on the right devices, at the right time.

Scott spoke about the convergence of two independent trends: 1) the growing focus on customer engagement and feedback as a company strategy and 2) extending collaboration with contributors and subject matter experts to author with DITA content along with technical communicators. He also gave a very interesting and informative demonstration of the SDL LiveContent suite of tools. There were lots of good questions from the group.