Meeting: DITA CCMS: Journey to Maturity, the latest with XDocs

Nenad Furtula, a partner and VP of Sales and Marketing at Bluestream, joined us remotely from Vancouver, Canada to discuss CCMS trends and demonstrate the latest updates in their XDocs CCMS. Specifically:

  • Look at the fundamental feature set of a DITA-enabled component content management system (CCMS).
  • Discuss the changing trends in the DITA space and how they are impacting the feature set and end-user expectations.
  • Live software demonstration of XDocs CCMS.

Some topics covered:

  • Overall Introduction to CCMS
  • Metadata support (web ontology language – OWL)
  • WebBased Review and Authoring
  • Knowledge Base – web-based delivery platform

The first 15 minutes cover concepts and background followed by a 45 minute demo covering all aspects of authoring and publishing with XDocs, then wrapping up with 30 minutes of Q&A. This was a very informative demo and discussion!