Start Thinking Like a CCO (Notes)

The November meeting of SVDIG was held Wednesday November 10 at 7:00pm at Dell KACE, 1981 Landings Drive, Mountain View, CA. Presenting were Cynthia Canino and Tim Bombosch of Astoria Software (a Windows-based, object-oriented content repository). Approximately 25 people attended.

The talk was very interactive, with many audience members asking questions and participating in the discussion, especially to debate the appropriate metrics of the ROI calculator.

Cynthia and Tim began by stating that the title of “Chief Content Officer (CCO)” is a common title in the broadcast industry (in which “content” has high acknowledged value) but is rare in high technology. They suggested that content should (or DOES) have higher value in the technological realm, and that exploring and surfacing the value is in the best interest of both users and content producers.

According to Cynthia and Tim, some of the important values that drive CCOs are efficiency, branding, quality, compliance, and revenue.

The last part of the meeting consisted of a run-through of a spreadsheet set up to calculate ROI resulting from a typical move from unstructured (and unmanaged) content to structured (and well managed).

-Anna van Raaphorst